Web-based training (short: WBT) is the most chosen solution of electronic learning-systems. Many different topics can be displayed and sustainably imparted in a very easy way. The WBT provides you a variety of tools and methods, that will simplify your learning and give you an enjoyable and diverse learning experience.

With the WBT you will get a simple, efficient and very good way to prepare your employees to new processes and practices in your company. Maybe you want to add a test at the end of each chapter, so that your employees can check themselves, if the new earned knowledge and relevant contents reached their long-term memory.

The flexible possibilities of evaluation, that come with a WBT, are a clear advantage. It is possible to get a summary which shows how many of your employees have passed the needed chapters. In our topic „knowledge transfer“ we can compile, if a WBT is an appropriate solution for you learning requirements.