Qualification of medical experts from Romania in our customers’ contract

In Germany, there is a considerable shortage of expert staff in healthcare and personal care for the elderly. Within the framework of a pilot project with elderly and care facilities and clinics in Lower Saxony and Berlin, we are seeking and helping to provide qualification to Romanian experts for the German labor market. The high quality training in Romania includes the specific qualification for the workplace and the necessary specialist and language training with a test after level B2. Once their professional qualification has been recognized in Germany, we support the participants throughout their first months in their new workplace.

Expansion of outpatient and inpatient care abroad in German health insurance contracts

Kneier consult could also gain new clinics this year for the clinic network in Europe. The focus this time is on Spain, Bulgaria and Greece. The steadily growing clinic network and the outpatient medical care optimizes the care of German insurance holders abroad. Significant features are the quality checks to a high German standard, additional service features and an optimal additional-payment-free settlement between the service provider and German insurance companies.

Expansion of the service portfolio in ethnosales

With new cooperation partners and employees, kneier consult is the best equipped for the target groups of China, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and Cameroon in terms of ethnosales. The numerous networking partners in these countries enable us to develop marketing and sales strategies whose potential goes far beyond classic campaigns.

Development of the first specialist academy for medical careers in Romania according to German standards

Following the first successful months in the pilot project, a comprehensive curriculum was developed for the construction of the first specialist academy for medical careers in Romania. Since March of this year, medical specialists from Romania have had the opportunity to prepare for their work in the German health system in a targeted way and to gain recognition. Since kneier consult fundamentally only deals in customer orders, all participants are aware of which employer they will be working with in the future at the beginning of their training.

Garvensburger Academy Cameroon

In March, together with other partners, kneier consult founded the Garvensburger Academy as the first German business school in Duala. The prelude to the seminars is an event in May on the theme of “family businesses”.

Foreign media for VIACTIV health insurance company

Within the framework of the name change from BKK on site to VIACTIV health insurance company, the reworking of all print and online media was also on the agenda. Kneier consult supported VIACTIV in the conception, design and implementation of all foreign-language brochures and web content. The welcome brochures for migrants and the website for the Turkish clinic network deserve a particular mentioning.

New e-learning module

Once again a new WBT (web-based training) module is being run from the stacks. A large company health insurance fund will teach its employees about sales work via an online learning platform. Preprogrammed success: every customer contact is a sales contact.

Process analysis sales

Following a detailed process analysis and optimization of sales processes on the premises of one of the largest health insurance companies, the new process handbook is being introduced as a standard work today. This includes the foundation for a new sales architecture which simplifies and redefines many processes and combines better with existing processes.


International relationships have long played a significant role at kneier consult. Co-operations with different companies in China are currently being developed. As an economically interesting country, we can be very excited about the future cooperation.

From OPEL Aktiv Plus comes praenatura

The race is on. After our conceptual preparatory work was met with approval by the executive board and supervisory board, OPEL Aktiv Plus supplementary insurance will be getting a new look in the next few months. We are pleased that we are able to take on the entire strategic, planning-related and graphic implementation for praenatura.